Jacob's Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1)

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Course Description:

Algebra can feel so overwhelming...but this course brings it to life! Katherine (Loop) Hannon, author of the Principles of Mathematics series, not only walks through each new lesson, but does so from a biblical worldview. Students will leave awed at the Creator and equipped with what they need to succeed at algebra.

"My daughter...recently completed your Elementary Algebra eCourse on the MB Academy. She was 3/4 through this course before your eCourse was available, but I purchased it anyway :-). She went back and watched all the videos and then continued with the course. It was such a help to her. She had previously gone through your POM 1 & 2 with great success, which was an answer to prayer. She completed Algebra with an overall grade of 96. I’m very proud of her and thankful for the help you provided. The alternate schedule which you suggested in the eCourse worked so well for [my daughter]."


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Meet the instructor

Katherine (Loop) Hannon

Katherine (Loop) Hannon has been writing and speaking about math for more than 15 years. Understanding the biblical worldview in math during her senior year of homeschool made a tremendous difference in her life and started her on a journey of researching and sharing on the topic. Her books on math and a biblical worldview have been used by various Christian colleges, homeschool groups, and individuals.
Patrick Jones - Course author