Art for the High School Student 2

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  • Instructor: Julia (Smith) Akers
  • Grades 9-12
  • Prerequisites: None
  • This is an all-inclusive, one-semester course!

    Please Note:
    A list of necessary art supplies is provided in the free preview.  

Course Overview

In this course, your student will practice each art element and artistic techniques that come into play when creating an art piece. Using Scripture to guide them in each lesson, they will use various art mediums, such as watercolor, oil pastel, charcoal, and more to create art pieces. Each project is purposefully designed to help the students pattern their creative thinking after the truths in God's Word and pair different art elements together in order to translate that onto their canvases.

Note: Students will review the elements of art and practice them more in-depth in this one-semester course. While not required, students may wish to complete Art for the High School Student prior to enrolling in this course.

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Meet the instructor

Julia (Smith) Akers

Julia is an artist who discovered her love of all things paint, canvas, and brush in her junior year of high school. With what seemed like a late start to trying her hand at a new and quite involved skill set, she quickly found the words of Isaiah 30:21 to be a promise. For six years, Julia has been a perpetual student of her craft, co-hosted Fine Arts camps, and used her combined love of missions (both local and international) and art to share the gospel of Christ. With this experience has come the awareness that too often, the connection between the knowledge of the Creator and creating art has been marred and twisted. It is Julia’s passion to be used by God to share how every brush stroke, scratch of a pencil, and molding of clay is and always should be inspired by God’s Word. After all, wasn’t it His words that breathed creation, the most studied and admired masterpiece, into existence?
Patrick Jones - Course author