Introduction to Geocaching

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  • Instructor: John Stamper
  • All Ages!
  • This is an all-inclusive course. 

Course Description

Students and families will enjoy searching for hidden geocache containers in their community and as they travel!  Students will create their own geocache container, find a good hiding spot, and add their own geocache to the geocaching app for others to find.  Throughout the course, the life of Joseph will be used to connect Biblical lessons to geocaching experiences.  


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Meet the instructor

John Stamper

Hi, I'm John!

I’m a P.E. teacher and former homeschooler.  My parents raised my three older siblings and me in rural Indiana, surrounded by cornfields.  We didn’t have a formal P.E. curriculum when we homeschooled.  Instead, our “P.E. curriculum” consisted mostly of Little League and doing chores outside.  We loved being active and we loved sports, so we had to use our imaginations in order to create fun games at home. 

I began making online P.E. courses during the 2020 quarantine to help students keep their skills sharp and fitness levels high while at home.  As a veteran P.E. teacher and coach, I believe that skill-development is more important than the type of equipment you use.  It’s something I know from experience and it’s what I emphasize in my P.E. courses. 

I have a Master's in Leadership & Sport Management, a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, Special Education, and P.E. & Health.  I've been teaching for thirteen years, both in the classroom and in the gym.  I was a coach for thirteen years in five different sports and have spent many years playing guitar on the Praise & Worship team in church.  I believe that my background in homeschooling, teaching, and coaching gives me a unique perspective on how to bring a well-rounded P.E. program into homeschooling.

My lovely wife, Jenna, and I live in Chicago.  She is an attorney and we have a puppy named Kirby.  We love to visit our families in Wisconsin and Indiana, travel, and try new restaurants around the city. 
Patrick Jones - Course author