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In these replays of the 2022 Master Books Summit, hear from the team and several of our authors and instructors who will leave you with no doubt that Master Books curriculum is the smarter way to homeschool! 
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What moms have said about the Summit 

[This] has been so awesome and an absolute blessing. I loved last year's summit and didn't think it could get any better. Oh boy was I wrong. This was amazing!!! 
If there was any doubt as to whether biblical worldview is important in education or not, this lineup will help alleviate that for you. I've shared this summit with family and friends to encourage them as well. Thank you all for putting this together again this year! 
"Do you want kids who behave or kids who believe?" -Friel
This whole summit has really encouraged me to take a deep dive into WHY we homeschool...not just the surface level reasons but the heart reasons we chose this lifestyle.