• Apologetics for Thinkers

  • Author: Master Books
  • Level: 10th-12th grade
    1/2 credit - 18 weeks
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The complete Road Trip to Truth Teacher Guide is included in the paid course. 

Course Description

Are your high school students ready to stand firm on God's Word in a culture declaring that truth is a choice you make?  The Apologetics for Thinkers video course will prepare your teens to answer life's biggest questions and prepare them to stand firm in an unbelieving culture. Host, John Fabarez, journeys to college campuses interviewing college students revealing what they believe about “truth” and the Bible. Fabarez also speaks to a number of experts, including Dr. Jason Lisle, about what the Bible says, why it can be trusted, and who God is. 

In this interactive course, teens will deepen their relationship with the One True God and become a well-informed apologetic thinker as they explore:

  • What the Bible says about who God really is
  • Why God's Word is trustworthy
  • How popular culture impacts definitions of words like "truth"
  • What they think they believe vs. what they really think and believe
  • Bible passages that will strengthen both an understanding of and the truth of God's Word
  • Answers to thought-provoking questions about logical fallacies
  • What "worldview" means and how it impacts our decisions