WowzaBrain Level 3: Brain-Connected Reading

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  • Instructor: Bridget Mosley
  • Grades 3+
  • This is an all-inclusive enrichment course. 

Course Overview

Whether your child reads slowly, with poor comprehension, or just avoids reading altogether, Brain-Connected Reading can help. It’s the third and final level of the WowzaBrain DIY Reading Program, designed for 3rd graders and up.

Deliberate practice is a highly respected learning technique that rapidly builds expertise. You’ll coach your student via deliberate practice to improve critical literacy skills like automated syllable identification, phrase reading, and working memory. These, in addition to essential cognitive skills like processing speed and focused attention, enhance fluency and comprehension. Your short daily practice sessions with our brain games and reading techniques will significantly improve his reading and thinking skills.

You’ll use a metronome to grow his current skills to the deepest learning level: automaticity. What’s automaticity? At the reading-to-learn stage, it’s accurate, effortless, and rapid reading that allows a child’s brain to turn print into rich mental movies that enable comprehension.

Brain-Connected Reading Includes:
• 24 cognitive-reading games for you to print and play with your child
• 24 quick demo videos to show you both how to play each game
• 12 coaching videos to show you how to coach your child’s unique learning style
• 4 powerful fluency techniques to help your child read with greater accuracy, speed, expression, and comprehension
• A DIY Guidebook with articles that explain how God has graciously designed your child’s brain to learn

Daily, brain-friendly practice is powerful. It produces automated reading and cognitive skills that will prepare your child to be a confident, independent learner.


Meet the instructor

Bridget Mosley, M.Ed.

As a child, Bridget heard God’s call to help children who were bullied for their learning struggles. For over 30 years, she has answered that call as a cognitive learning specialist, speaker, consultant, curriculum designer, and reading clinic director. In her most important job as a homeschooling mom, she helped her daughter overcome dyslexia. In 2008, Bridget created the WowzaBrain cognitive-based reading program. Through it, she equips parents with a low-cost, do-it-yourself reading program. She has seen it bear fruit for children of all abilities.
Patrick Jones - Course author