WowzaBrain Level 1: Better Letters

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  • Instructor: Bridget Mosley
  • Level: Lower Elementary
    Resources Required for This Course:
    This is an all-inclusive, one semester course.

Course Overview

Better Letters equips you to coach your child (whether advanced, on target, or struggling) through short, daily practice sessions with letter games. By using a metronome, you’ll teach the name, sound, and shape of each letter to automaticity: the deepest, most efficient learning level. Your child will also learn the 25 most common sight words by reading our simple storybooks. All aspects of this unique reading program are brain-friendly.

Better Letters helps your child break the code of the letter-sound-shape relationships quickly so he or she can jump into “new reader” books with confidence and success. It includes:

   • 29 quick, cognitive, alphabet games for you to print and play with your child
   • 5 quick demonstration videos to show you how to play each game
   • 15 short coaching videos to help you coach to your child’s unique learning style
   • 26 Better Letters storybooks to build automated sight word recognition

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Meet the instructor

Bridget Mosley, M.Ed.

As a child, Bridget heard God’s call to help children who were bullied for their learning struggles. For over 30 years, she has answered that call as a cognitive learning specialist, speaker, consultant, curriculum designer, and reading clinic director. In her most important job as a homeschooling mom, she helped her daughter overcome dyslexia. In 2008, Bridget created the WowzaBrain cognitive-based reading program. Through it, she equips parents with a low-cost, do-it-yourself reading program. She has seen it bear fruit for children of all abilities.